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These are some products and services that I recommend. If you sign up for a subscription or buy something using the links on this page, you'll save money and I may get a small cut. Win-win.


NextDNS is a cloud-based content filter that can block tracking scripts and other unwanted content across your entire network. I use it to block apps communicating with Facebook, remove ads in apps preinstalled on Samsung phones, and much more. My favorite feature is that it can be used as the system DNS provider on Android 9.0+ without installing any apps.

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Disclosure: If you decide to sign up for a paid plan, I get 30% of the revenue from the first 12 months.


Dropbox is a cloud storage service that I've used for around two years. It's more expensive than competitiors like Google Drive and OneDrive, but the mobile and desktop applications work well. I use Dropbox mainly beacuse it's the only major cloud service that supports Linux, and I like that you can edit Microsoft Office documents from the Dropbox website using Office Online. If you create an account with the link below, even a free one, you get 500MB of extra storage.

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Disclosure: I receive 1GB of extra storage when you create an account.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 is currently my favorite phone, and I also purchased a Galaxy Tab S6 that I frequently use for work and streaming media. If you use the below link to purchase something from Samsung's website, you can get 5% off. Entering code ref-4ckb48 at checkout also works.

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Disclosure: If you purchase something, I get 5% of the product's value in points, which I can then use to buy more Samsung stuff.

Cricket Wireless

Cricket is a cell carrier that uses AT&T's nation-wide network and generally has good prices. I've had my main phone number on Cricket for over a year, and I haven't had to ever contact customer support, which is about the best praise you can probably give for a carrier. If you use the below link, you get may $25 of service credit after 60 days (Cricket only allows 10 referrals per year).

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Disclosure: I also get $25 in service credit if you sign up.