Projects 💻

Here are some projects that I have worked on over the past few years. All of them are free and the code is open-source under various licenses.

Web apps


WhatDevice is a web app that displays information about your device and browser, currently in beta. It can work offline (on supported browsers) and export information about your system to a text file. You can view the source code here.

Browser extensions

Wikipedia Search

Wikipedia Search is an extension for Google Chrome and Opera. It adds the ability to search Wikipedia straight from the address bar, making searches faster and easier. It supports searching in every language, searching any word by right-clicking it on a page, and more.


Peek is an extension for Google Chrome and Opera that lets you preview dozens of types of documents before you download them. Just hover over a file's link, and Peek will display an interactive preview of the file instantly. It shows previews for PDFs, Office documents, videos, audio, Google Docs links, and more.


Browser plugins are unsafe and unsupported by modern browsers, but what if you still need to access plugin content online? NoPlugin allows you to play some plugin content on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera by converting them to HTML5 players. If NoPlugin can't play a file, it allows you to download the file to play on your computer.


Ultrix is an instance of the de-centralized Mastodon social network, owned and operated by me. The goal is to provide a high-speed and high-uptime instance, while always using the latest (stable) version of Mastodon.

Creative Cloud for PlayOnLinux

This script makes installing Adobe Creative Cloud on Linux super easy. It downloads and installs Creative Cloud using Wine, allowing you to use recent Adobe software (like Photoshop CC 2018) as easily as you would on Windows.

Nexus Tools

Nexus Tools is an installer for the Android debug/development command-line tools ADB (Android Device Bridge) and Fastboot for Mac OS X and Linux. It's the fastest way to get started with everything from Android development to fixing your phone. Just enter a single command, and Nexus Tools will do the rest.