• NoPlugin 3.1 is now available!

    If you’re not familiar with it, NoPlugin (previously named QuickChrome) is a browser extension that allows you to play some plugin content on sites, without the need for plugins. If the content cannot be played in-browser, NoPlugin can download the file to your computer for playback with VLC Media Player (or another video/audio player). Now […]

  • Peek 2.0 is out!

    Back in December, I released Peek – an extension for Google Chrome and Opera that allows you to preview links before you download them. After about two months of on-off work, I’m super excited to finally release Peek 2.0.

  • QuickChrome is now NoPlugin

    Back in January, I released a new Chrome extension called QuickChrome. With Chrome 45 completely dropping support for plugins, and other browsers trying to do the same thing, I thought it would be a fun project to try and restore some functionality.

  • How to fix ‘SPOCJS’ memory leak on Windows 10

    I recently solved a problem that seems to be plaguing Windows 10 users. After I updated my Surface Pro 2 to Windows 10 and attached my keyboard, a task called ‘SPOCJS’ (more specifically, the service ‘Jack Sensing Device for USB Audio’) would continually take up more and more RAM until Windows would crash.

  • Hacking Android Wear: Part Two

    So now that you can install Android apps on your watch, what now? Well there’s tons of applications and games that work to some degree on Android Wear, but usually problems related to the OS make them hard to use. In this post, I’ll be going over a few tricks that will make using Android […]

  • Hacking Android Wear: Part One

    A few weeks ago, I finally got my hands on the Samsung Gear Live. It’s a smartwatch powered by Google’s new Android Wear operating system. It turns out that Android Wear isn’t as far off from normal Android as I thought – with some caveats, it’s possible to install plain Android apps manually. So I […]