• Moving Google Photos data with Linux

    Now that Google Photos is getting rid of its free cloud storage backup, I decided to move my 6+ years of photos and videos to Dropbox. I already pay for Dropbox because it’s the only major service that supports Linux, and the mobile app backs up photos in the same manner as Google Photos. I […]

  • My new Wii Shop Channel Music extension

    I just released a new browser extension, called Wii Shop Channel Music! It plays the iconic Wii Shop Channel theme in the background when you visit a shopping website. Some supported sites include Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, and Google Shopping. The music also only plays when the site is in the currently-active tab.

  • PhotoStack 2 (and PhotoStack Classic) is now available!

    I finished the first version of PhotoStack back in May 2019, after a few months of development. It’s a batch photo editor with the ability to make changes to many images at once, including adding watermarks, changing the file name and image format, removing EXIF data, and more.

  • Wikipedia Search 10 is out!

    Wikipedia Search is a browser extension that adds a search function for Wikipedia to your browser’s address bar and right-click menu. It’s one of my oldest-running software projects, as it’s over eight years old at this point. It has been over two years since the last major update, so I’m super happy to finally release […]

  • NoPlugin 6.0 is out!

    One of the browser extensions I develop is NoPlugin, which allows legacy plugin media (QuickTime, RealPlayer, etc.) to be used in modern web browsers. Sometimes the media can be played in the browser itself, and other times, NoPlugin will walk you through opening the file with a separate desktop application. NoPlugin 6.0 is rolling out […]

  • Eight years of Powered by Redstone

    One day, eight years ago, I created a Blogger blog called ‘Powered by Redstone’. The name was shamelessly copied from an officially-licensed Minecraft t-shirt, but I’m pretty sure I told people I came up with the name. The first post was about a recreation of Valve’s Half-Life in Minecraft, which I eloquently described as “epic […]

  • PhotoStack’s new look

    After months of work, I released a web app called PhotoStack a few months ago. It’s a batch photo editor, allowing you to edit and convert many images at once, using only your web browser. The interface wasn’t super intuitive, but I’ve been working to improve it, and now PhotoStack looks and works great on […]

  • NoPlugin 5.2 is out!

    NoPlugin is a browser extension I first made a few years ago, which lets you play some legacy plugin media (QuickTime, Windows Media Player, etc.) in modern browsers. The major 5.0 update was finished earlier this year, and version 5.2 is now rolling out on Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

  • How to change the region on a Samsung Galaxy Watch

    Note: This article was written as a half-finished draft in 2019 for Samsung’s Tizen-based Galaxy Watches. Samsung now uses Google’s Wear OS platform.

  • Peek 3.0 is out

    Peek is a browser extension I created that lets you preview links to files by simply dragging your mouse over them. It was originally released in 2015, but I haven’t worked on it much since 2017. I’m excited to finally release version 3.0, a complete rewrite with a ton of added functionality!