• Google has turned the web publishing industry into YouTube

    You’ve probably heard many of your favorite YouTube channels and creators talk about YouTube’s recommendation algorithms at one point or another. Maybe someone worked for days on a specific video only to see YouTube not display it prominently on the Home page, and took to Twitter to complain, or a creator mentioned an old video […]

  • Wii Shop Channel Music extension 2.0 now available!

    I released a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox in 2020 called Wii Shop Channel Music, which plays the iconic Wii Shop Channel theme in the background when you visit a shopping website. It went somewhat viral a few times (most recently on a popular AskReddit thread), so I’ve received plenty of feature requests and […]

  • Shutting down WhatDevice

    Back in 2017, I released WhatDevice, a web app for quickly checking information about your software and hardware configuration. It’s sort of like the hundreds of user agent checker websites that already exist, but with a cleaner design and more data presented (such as some sensor info, your GPU, and other information).

  • Ending development of NoPlugin

    I released the first version of QuickChrome in early 2016, as a browser extension that replaced old QuickTime media embedded players in webpages with a modern HTML5 player. It was a convenient way (when it worked) to interact with old websites without using an old and insecure web browser. I have released 19 updates since […]

  • How I rewrote Nexus Tools with Dart

    Last month, I updated a project of mine called Nexus Tools, which is an installer for Google’s Android SDK Platform Tools. It’s one of my most popular software projects, with around 1.1-1.3k users per month, and version 5.0 is a complete rewrite. The switch seemed to go fine (no bug reports yet!), so I wanted […]

  • Nexus Tools 5.0 is now available!

    Nexus Tools is a simple installer for the Android SDK Platform Tools package, which includes ADB, Fastboot, Systrace, and other applications. It’s one of my longest-running software projects, since I published the first version in December 2013, and it remains one of the most popular ways to get started with Android development and debugging (especially […]

  • Nexus Tools v4.7 now available!

    Nexus Tools is a simple installer for the Android SDK Platform Tools package, which includes ADB, Fastboot, Systrace, and other applications. It’s one of my oldest software projects, and still one of the most popular — almost 200 people have used it in just the past week. Since Nexus Tools is just a bash script, […]

  • Wikipedia Search 10.1 is out!

    Wikipedia Search is my extension for Chrome (and previously Opera) that adds advanced Wikipedia search capabilities to the browser. It’s my longest-running software project, now over 10 years old, and it’s been over a year since the last update. I’ve now finished Wikipedia Search v10.1, which is now rolling out to Chrome (and soon Firefox).

  • Peek 4.0 is now available!

    Peek is a browser extension of mine that shows previews for links when you hover over them. It has been over a year since the last update, so I’m excited to finally roll out Peek 4.0!

  • I’m done with Opera

    I develop several browser extensions in my spare time, which I’ve generally published across three browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. These browsers generally support enough of the same APIs that the actual software development isn’t difficult. However, each browser has its own add-ons repository with different requirements and review guidelines, which does eat up my […]