• In Defense of Mastodon

    In Defense of Mastodon

    The open-source Mastodon social network is gaining ground. Here’s why not all the criticism is warranted.

  • No Ethical Consumption Under Technology

    No Ethical Consumption Under Technology

    There’s a popular phrase you might have heard before: “no ethical consumption under capitalism.” It refers to the idea that everything produced under capitalist systems required taking advantage of someone, somewhere along the chain of production. I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently, especially after a recent incident with a major tech company.

  • Updates to ImageShare, and a New Home

    ImageShare is a lightweight web application for sharing images as scannable QR codes. It was originally made as a replacement for the Nintendo 3DS Image Share Service, but also works great with other limited and outdated web browsers. Due to circumstances out of my control, I’ve had to make a few changes.

  • Back to the Mac

    Back to the Mac

    I grew up around Mac computers and other Apple products, culminating in a late-2012 Mac Mini that I received around the time I started high school. I haven’t really looked back, but in the past month, Apple has won me back.

  • Updates to Link Cleaner

    Updates to Link Cleaner

    I released the first version Link Cleaner a little over a year ago as a simple web app for quickly removing junk from web links, like tracking attributes and search data. Even though it was relatively simple, it has become one of my most popular software projects. In the past month, Link Cleaner has had […]

  • Introducing Cobalt

    Introducing Cobalt

    FreeDOS is a free and open-source operating system that has been around for over 20 years, designed to mimic MS-DOS and run DOS applications. It’s a fantastic project, but I want to try my own take: Cobalt.

  • Restoring my PowerMac G3

    Restoring my PowerMac G3

    I’ve had a PowerMac G3 in my possession for a while, and I had plans for a while to turn it into a half-retro setup for software and games I grew up with. I finally got around to doing just that, so here’s how I did it!

  • Tech Tales: Year One

    Tech Tales: Year One

    The first episode of my technology history podcast, Tech Tales, was published exactly one year ago today: June 14, 2021. I had wanted to produce something related to tech history for years, but it was only last year that I was able to narrow down a format I was happy with (largely inspired by You’re […]

  • ImageShare is now an even better image upload tool for the 3DS

    ImageShare is a lightweight web app I made for uploading images. It’s primarily designed as a replacement for the Nintendo 3DS Image Share Service, but also works with many other limited/legacy web browsers. It opens quickly, doesn’t require a login, and uploads images to the popular Imgur service. After your image is uploaded, a QR code […]

  • Picture-in-Picture Shortcut now available for Google Chrome

    Google Chrome and other modern web browsers have the ability to ‘pop out’ video players in sites into small floating windows, called Picture-in-Picture Mode. This is an incredibly useful feature for videos that don’t need someone’s full attention, or when someone doesn’t want to waste screen space with the browser and page during multi-tasking. However, […]