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I'm a tech journalist, independent software developer, and podcaster living in Raleigh, North Carolina. I currently work for How-To Geek as News Editor, host the Tech Tales podcast, and maintain over a dozen open-source web apps, browser extensions, and utilities.

I previously worked as a writer at XDA Developers, PC Gamer, and Android Police. I like science fiction, photography, games, and retro computing.

My tech

Desktop: 2020 M1 Mac Mini (16GB RAM, 512GB SSD), Dell UltraSharp U2913WM monitor, Logitech MX Keys Mini keyboard, Logitech Lift mouse, Blue Yeti microphone

Gaming PC: Ryzen 5 1600 CPU, 16GB RAM, 500GB Samsung 960 SSD, 1TB Samsung 860 Evo SSD, Zotac GTX 1080 Mini, Thermaltake Core V1 case

Laptop: 2020 M1 MacBook Air (8GB RAM, 512GB SSD)

Phone: iPhone 15

Recent photos

Flying over Charlotte :airplane:Downtown GatlinburgGatlinburgSolar Eclipse :sunny:Flower Bud Flower :sunflower:

Recently watched movies

Tomorrowland, 2015 - ★
Tomorrowland tries to make the argument that it's too easy for us to fall into apathy about the declining state of the world, and instead, we should be optimistic about the future and how we can help build that future. I think that's a good message! Unfortunately, Tomorrowland completely misses its ...

Office Space, 1999 - ★★★★
A timeless depiction of corporate culture. Some of the jokes haven't aged well, though. Four out of five staplers. "I don't like my job, I don't think I'm gonna go anymore."

Flushed Away, 2006 - ★★
Watched on Thursday June 13, 2024.

Ratatouille, 2007 - ★★★
Watched on Sunday June 9, 2024.

Cars, 2006 - ★★★★
Larry the Cable Guy as Mater is casting on par with Heath Ledger as The Joker. The extended John Ratzenberger joke in the credits is also fantastic. Four out of five Piston Cups.


I'm usually corbindavenport, Corbin_Davenport, or corbindav online. This is a list of all official accounts, if it's not here it might be a fake.

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